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Welcome to the 2019 LSFBL Regular Season!!

Welcome players, parents, coaches, umpires and fans to the 2019 Lake Shore Feeder Baseball season.   Assuming the weather cooperates, we are hoping for another fun and exciting baseball season.

The Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League was founded almost a decade ago. Its purpose was to provide community based organizations a competitive travel environment in which to play that did not require long distance travel or significant financial commitments from participating families.

The foundation of LSFBL is our participating communities.  This is a league of, by and for the participating communities.  All league decisions are made at the direction of this group which contributes to the health and vibrancy of the league.

Over the years, the league has experienced tremendous growth, going from seven “founding” communities to 22 communities today, including more than 170 teams and over 2,100 players.  We hope that all of the players have a fun and exciting season and we hope to see everyone on Championship Sunday, in Glenview, on July 21st.

John Chandler, LSFBL President