About Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League

North Shore Baseball Communities Form Competitive New League
In a historic, cooperative arrangement, eight area community baseball associations have come together to form the Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League (LSFBL) which will provide a strong, competitive environment for member communities summer travel teams.

The founding member community associations of the LSFBL include Evanston Baseball, Glencoe Baseball, Glenview Youth Baseball, Kenilworth/Winnetka Baseball, Lake Forest Baseball, Northbrook Baseball, Park Ridge Baseball, and Wilmette Baseball.

The Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League was formed by member communities to work collectively and collaboratively to further the development of their players and community-based travel programs.

The members of the non-profit league wanted to create a competitive environment balanced with the desire to keep kids playing community baseball. “We want to encourage players to participate in their respective communities programs which will create a strong base for emerging travel players” says Ed Gjertsen II, President of the newly formed league.

The league is not alone in its desire to keep kids playing community baseball.

“I am a firm believer that kids playing together in their communities are a major factor in chemistry, camaraderie and the overall success of our program” says Mike Napoleon, Varsity Baseball Coach of the 2000 and 2009 State Champion New Trier High School teams.

League members have a strong desire to elevate the competitive level of the summer travel programs. One way to improve competition is for the LSFBL to host “spring training” where travel teams will participate in pre-season games that will give players and coaches the opportunity to develop skills and strategies before the official season starts.

Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League (“LSFBL”) is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Illinois.