2018 Playoffs

The 2018 Playoffs 

The completed 2018 playoff bracket has been posted…see below.


Division 2018 Tournament Champion 2018 Regular Season       Champion
8U Edgebrook 2 Edgebrook 1 (South)

Buffalo Grove (North)

9A Libertyville Orange Mundelein
9B Prospect Heights Prospect Heights (South)

Lincolnshire Red (North)

10A Mundelein Mundelein
10B Skokie Indians Park Ridge (South)

Prospect Heights (North)

11A Mundelein Mundelein
11B Mundelein Black Northbrook White (South)

Mundelein Black (North)

12A Mundelein Mundelein
12B Glenview Blue Glenview Blue (South)

Mundelein (North)

13A New Trier Feeder Blue New Trier Feeder Blue
13B Evanston 1 Evanston 1 (South)

Mt. Prospect (North)

14A New Trier Feeder Blue New Trier Feeder Blue
14B New Trier Feeder White Mt. Prospect